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Domestic Sprinkler Systems
There’s a growing need for domestic sprinkler systems in the Ireland. Demand is at an all-time high, and the popularity of residential sprinkler heads is only going to strengthen further, thanks mainly to the introduction of ‘Technical Guidance Document B’ and building control which requests homeowners and land developers to install life-saving solutions.
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Residential Sprinkler Systems
Due to the housing crisis there is and will continue to be a massive demand for Residential and Domestic builds. This has cause an uplift in Apartments and student accommodations. By installing a sprinkler system to these developments the Architects can design for open plan living and this relieves the requirements for fire doors, partitions and passive fire protection and additional finishes to which would have been a required entrance lobby and corridor for building regulations. This would have costs saving for the client as sprinkler system would be less of a cost. Sprinklers also negate the need for an additional fire escape stair core which is a massive cost saving to the client and increases the footprint for increase in apartment size.
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Mist Systems

A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses fine water droplets to allow the mist to control a fire.
It achieves this by cooling it’s surroundings, displacing oxygen by evaporation and attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets.

Due to minimising the water damage these systems are more widely used in Data Centres and heritage conservation protected buildings.

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